Gideon Cain

There is no greater love than this, someone who will take your place in the gunfight that you can’t win. John 15:13


I am 23 but look 20. No scars, just a whispy hungry looking build with long hay colored hair. I don’t care to spend a lot of time on daper’n up. I don’t want to appear vain and since I don’t have the burden of good looks, that’s not a yoke I shoulder. There is some say I do have a boyish good looks but when the ladies say that… my neck feels noosed and my lips go dry. As far as my clothes’n such, a cream shirt or my clergy shirt with it’s clerical collar when officiate’n. I also got me my woolen coat and a few handkerchiefs.
Sides all that, I keep a knife and my watch, oh and some bullets in my pocket to go with the iron on my side. Can’t let the devil have his due if’n it comes to it.


Gideon Cain

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