"Ain't she a beaut!"


Nightingale is a Firefly-class ship. Yeah, I know Everyone Has One. But, Nightingale….well, she’s special.

Agility d8 (reaction speed & maneuverability)
Strength d6 (size & resistance to damage)
Vitality d4 (repair and maintenance status)
Alertness d6 (quality of ships sensors/comms)
Intelligence d4 (quality of ship’s automated systems)
Willpower d4 (quality of ship’s redundancy systems, safety and backup systems, etc. How far you can push a system beyond design limits)

Complication: “Everybody Has One” – Minor
Assets: “Healty As a Horse” – Minor, and “Cortex Specter”

Dimensions (LxBxH): 191 × 128 × 53 feet.

Speed Class: 4 cruise/6 hard-burn

Life Points: 8

Athletics d2
Covert d2
Knowledge d2
Perception d4
Pilot d4

Tonnage: 2400
Fuel Capacity : 300 tons

5 crew berths: two of them are doubles, three are singles, plus four passenger berths

Two small shuttles “Yin” & “Yang” and a hovercraft named “Burrito.”

General rules for ship skills:

TABLE 4.10 – Ship Skills
Athletics = Collision avoidance systems
Covert = Stealth programming
Heavy Weapons = Automatic targeting
Knowledge = Internal encyclopedia/database
Mechanical Engineering = Interactive maintenance manual
Perception = Sensor routine and internal security checks
Pilot = Autopilot/Autonav

General rules for ship Attributes:
The Agility Attribute represents a ship’s reaction speed and maneuverability. Agility—not Speed Class—determines movement in combat.
The Strength Attribute represents the size of a ship and her resistance to damage.
The Vitality Attribute represents the a ship’s repair and maintenance status.
The Altertness Attribute represents the range and resolution of a ship’s sensors and communications equipment.
Virtually all ships have some type of autopilot—smart enough to follow simple course instructions, and keep the ship from crashing during routine operations. The Intelligence Attribute represents the expert systems available in a ship’s control, navigation, and guidance suite.
The Willpower Attribute represents the redundancy and safety margins built into a ship’s design. This is the measurement of the ship’s ability to operate despite damage, the ability to bypass malfunctioning systems and jury-rig temporary substitutes, and a measure of how far a ship can be pushed beyond her design limits.


It was a few years ago, after the war ended, that Prudence’s good Karma finally caught up with her. At the time, she was on the crew of Siren’s Spirit, a sturdy Bumble Bee class transport. They had a bountiful year, and it was good business, but Prudence was growing tired of Captain Grabby Hands. They stopped on Santo to refuel, and it was sheer luck that Prudence stumbled on the auction.

Surplus gear, parts and vehicles were up for auction. Nightingale was a bit worn, dinged, needed some work. But Prudence knew, Fireflies are durable, and she won the auction. The ship has no weapons or armor, but Prudence has been saving up to buy Nightingale somethin’ real pretty.


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