Flying Pig

"You'll take to the sky when pigs fly..."


This small, plastic durable bauble is some sort of trinket created who knows where. The name of the company that made it has been worn off, but when sunlight strikes the small solar-strip on the top of it, the little ‘wings’ flap all on their own. It is made of hard plastic and has minimal moving parts, making it quite durable for something that amounts to little more than a ‘toy’.

This item possesses sentimental value to Alicera Sam.


This item was given to Alicera when she was very young by her older brother. Alicera had constantly talked about one day going into space, but her older brother was not very confident that she would, and often teased her about it. He even gave her this ‘toy’ one day, as a reminder that she would likely never see the stars.

She has kept this item as a reminder to never forget her dreams, or give up on them.

Flying Pig

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