"I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing..."


Ziggy is a weed of a man, standing nearly six feet tall and paper-thin, appearing almost malnourished. He has long black hair that he wears spiked or standing on-end, and his gaunt features are almost always accented with dark goth-like makeup around the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

He bears many visible body-piercings, including several in each of his ears, his nose, lip, and other places he just smiles about.

He also bears several tattoos, tribal in nature, along his abdomen, hip, forearm, as well as a few more that ‘hang out with some of the other piercings’ that are not visible with him being clothed.

Ziggy is snide, makes a hobby out of lying, and is only out for himself and his ‘bitches’, girls that hang onto him at various clubs in which he performs as a guitarist for a punk-like band called, ‘The Kegtappers’.



Into The Black TimS