Smitty 'The Snake' Johnson

"You wanna piece of me? You better pack a lunch, toots."


Smitty ‘The Snake’ Johnson is a bruiser of a man, mean as they come. He used to be a pretty boy, but he’s less pretty now, being that he took a stab to the eye a few years back.

He’s a tough SOB, even missing an eye. He doesn’t fear anyone, really – but he’s also not stupid. He’s not going to draw weapons on someone where he’ll be seen, and he’s certainly not going to commit crimes in front of witnesses.

Smitty is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind slapping a woman around to remind her of her place. Especially women on his arm: he gives them money, clothes them, protects them – so they’re going to serve him as he sees fit. If there’s any lip, or complaining – a solid slap across the face usually gets them back in line. Of course, he knows this is usually frowned-upon, so he’s more liable to pull the offending wench aside and discipline her out of sight of others… And if a woman dared to attack him or try to do him actual harm, he has no qualms serving her up a large order of knuckle-sammich.


Smitty 'The Snake' Johnson

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