Robert Blake

Programming may not be sexy, but at least I can count pi out to the tenth decimal!


Robert Blake stands about 5’8" tall, and is fairly heavy-set with thick arms, legs, neck, and body. He has black hair and brown eyes, and wears thick-rimmed glasses that he requires in order to be able to see.

Robert dresses fairly casually, though his clothes are almost always wrinkled or spotted with lint, or an occasional faded food-stain. Over the top of this, he often wears a suit jacket – also wrinkled, perhaps even slightly faded. This causes a pretty strange contrast between casual dress and formal.

He usually gives off a strong scent of aftershave – ‘White Stallion’ being is favorite brand.

He walks and talks rather quickly, like someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience – or skill – socializing. Robert seems even more out of sorts around pretty women, with whom he feels he can rarely establish a connection with.


Robert Blake is a computer programmer who works for Blue Sun Enterprises. Computer stuff really gets his attention, and he is the stereotypical geek when it comes to anything computer or electronics related. He claims to be very well-off, which is why he could afford a ticket to Londinium. Of course, computer programs – or almost any person – working for Blue Sun likely makes top credits.

He is a huge cricket fan and is rooting for the Gators to go all the way.

Robert Blake

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