Prudence Chang-Li

"Nothin's impossible for the person who don't have to do it."


Green eyes and hair is (currently) red. She’s 5’8" and could be pretty if she tried. Her age is none of your 该死 business. She stands tall and relaxed.

Agility: d6
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d8

Initiative: d6 + d6
Life Points: 14

Credo (Minor) “I never steal ‘cept from folks who had it comin’.”
Intimidatin’ Manner (Minor) “If you’ve got ‘em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”
Deadly Enemy (Minor) "He’s a jerk."
Ego Signature (Minor) “I’m not gonna hide my talent. Gotta maintain the street cred.”
Overconfident (Minor) “But I really am that awesome.”
Leadership (Major) "We will either find a way or make one.”
Moneyed Individual (Major) “Comes in handy.”
Reader (Minor) “Have a seat an’ tell Aunt Prudy what’s botherin’ ya.”

Influence General d6
Influence Persuasion d12
Melee Weapons General d6
Melee Weapons Knives d8
Perception General d6
Perception Search d8
Pilot General d6
Animal Handling General d4
Athletics General d6
Mechanical Engineering General d6
Mechanical Engineering Repair d8
Guns General d6
Guns Pistols d12
Technical Engineering General d4
Discipline General d4
Knowledge d4
Covert d2

Heavy Pistol
Combat Knife
Ballistic Mesh
Ship-linked handset

11 advancement points to spend


Raised by her aunt and uncle, good folk. Prudence spent the first part of her childhood on a sparsely populated border planet. Smart as whip, but no money for schoolin’. Since childhood she’s drifted from one job to the next: house servant, farm laborer, short order cook—a dozen occupations that pay a pittance, but offers skills and opportunities. She’s hardworkin’, paying the bills with honest work (honest, but not necessarily legal). She’s been a good worker at all sorts of occupations, and over the years, Prudence has built a confidence in her abilities.

She loves her aunt and uncle, though she doesn’t see them often. Her crew mates and co-workers are her real, if temporary, family. Prudence wishes she were a better Buddhist, which she plans to be in the future, when life’s easier. She wants to be part of makin’ the ’Verse a better place for decent folk. The less than decent idiots can go 他妈的自己.

For the last decade she’s been in the transport business: passenger, freight, both short- and long-haul. She’s traveled from the core to rim countless times. Prudence knows a few traders and she keeps tabs on the shipping business. She has dealings with all sorts of folk, and she is generous to those down on their luck.

Prudence Chang-Li

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