Norman Sellers

"My vineyard produces the finest wines on Greenleaf... no offense."


Norman stands about 5’8" tall, is very wiry and thin, with a pale complexion that hints at the likelihood that he remains inside most of the time and does not spend a lot of time in the sun.

He often wears small glasses perched on his nose, and his dark brown hair is usually somewhat messy and long in the back. He has a long mustache, each end coming to a fine point through either constant grooming or the generous use of some sort of wax or gel.

Norman usually dresses the part, wearing fine clothing, usually suits that look aristocratic and well-made, though often they have a stain of wine or two somewhere upon them.


Norman was born on Greenleaf, and inherited the Sellers Vineyard about ten years previously. His family has owned the vineyard – like most of the families on the planet – since the planet was finished being terraformed.

Norman Sellers

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