Nigel Barclay

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Nigel Barclay is a respected, high-ranking member of the Londinium Parliament’s House of Lords. He has enormous power, influence, and wealth.

He was amongst the vocal opposition against the Unification War. But now that it is over, he is a vocal supporter of Unification, often seen on the cortex repeating his motto. “One Alliance, One ’Verse.”

He is enormously popular on Londinium and has been involved in politics his entire life. A widower, he is often seen in places with various beautiful women on his arms, and though such things are usually left to younger men, he has been known to have been ‘associated’ with various famous women usually half his age.

He is also known to gamble at times, especially on horses. He owns his own horse farm on Greenleaf, where he raises various purebreds for racing and show.


Nigel Barclay

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