Natasha Solonov

Please... don't touch me.


Natasha is a very quiet, shy woman in her mid to late 20’s who stands about 5’5" tall. She has long dark brown hair and brilliant green eyes. Her skin and face, especially, are so fine and doll-like that they make her look far younger than she actually is.

Natasha bears several long, obvious scars on her back, though the rest of her body seems rather devoid of any markings. She has the curves of a woman that would attract a man’s eye, which have been both a curse and a blessing in her life so far.

Natasha is quiet, preferring to look and listen rather than speak and draw attention. She is not fond of large groups of people, and when attention is on her for any reason, she gets very nervous.


Natasha is a victim of a life of abuse. She was rescued by Leonid and delivered to a missionary family, Paula and Trevor Willowbee, on Hera who agreed to take her in and help her get back on her feet.

Natasha Solonov

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