Nadia Tokarevsky

Women should take what they want - just like men. Only difference is the plumbing!


Nadia stands 5’9" tall, has a lean, toned body honed from countless hours of workouts. She has long, straight black hair and intensely stormy dark-green eyes. Her fair skin might look soft and tender, but as a person she herself is quite the opposite.

She has one or two small scars that are not visible while wearing clothes, and a few tattoos dot her body in hidden places, as well.

Nadia dresses rather plainly when she isn’t ‘working’. When she is working, she is made-up with make-up, stunning outfits, and has an air about her like most Companions have. She just isn’t afraid to let the real Nadia come out when she is not with a client.


Nadia is a Companion, but she is also an enforcer of sorts. There are few like her, for the guild typically likes to take care of its problems in more diplomatic fashion.

Still, when that fails – they turn to someone like Nadia who can both deliver a message and remove a client from the registry – permanently. Of course, the guild will always deny any sort of link to such actions: the guild is about pleasure and well-being, not harm and murder.

Nadia seems to enjoy her job quite well… all aspects of it.

Nadia Tokarevsky

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