Mr. Universe

"You Can't Stop the Signal"


Mr. Universe is a weed-thin lanky man in his late twenties, standing about 5’9" tall. He often speaks very quickly, especially when excited. He wears t-shirts, jeans, casual clothing, and his choice of colors is often… unfortunate.


Mr. Universe, as he calls himself, is a reclusive but incredibly skilled techno-geek. His skills with technology – especially communications – are astounding, and his hacking ability into the Cortex is nearly unequaled.

He lives on a very small moon that he purchased for himself, called Sygnus. The only other occupant is his blond bomb-shell love-bot named Lenore, to whom he was recently married in a traditional Jewish wedding – and to whom he has conducted extensive re-programming.

His ion-powered communications equipment allows him to catch waves, narrow or broad, from all over the system. This makes him a person incredibly exposed to information of all kinds.

It is rumored that he has technology that allows him to ‘cloak’ his home from various forms of detection. This is very important because he rarely, if ever, leaves his home for any reason.

Mr. Universe

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