"Wanna trade? Let's trade! Come on, trade me!"


Mikkel is the captain of the ‘Warlock’, his ship, with a crew of nine other men. The ship is something of a ‘space junkyard’, searching for wreckage in space to salvage. Then the ship lands on various planets to sell the parts or, in worst case scenarios, sell the salvage as scrap.

Mikkel is a bit strange, with an odd stutter and a nervous demeanor even when he’s not nervous. He can hold a conversation with someone but his eyes love to roam, looking around, as if always on watch for someone to sneak up on him.

He apparently sets the example for his crew, for none of them seem to know what grooming or hygiene is like. He smells a bit ‘off’, and his hair doesn’t look like a comb has been through it in ages.

For all his weirdness (perhaps a result of living in space for far too long?), Mikkel seems like a gentle sort.



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