Mark Small

"You don't know Evil, like I know Evil..."


Mark Small is anything but – he is a giant of a man, standing closer to seven feet tall rather than six. With arms like saplings and fists like sledgehammers, he is an intimidating man, and not afraid to push when he wants to get his way.

He wears his long, black hair straight and combed back, and piercing eyes never seem to smile even if his lips might on occasion. He bears a black goatee, but shaves the portion above his upper lip. His muscled body is riddled with tattoos, and often just the sound of his deep, stern voice is enough to send his underlings into a fit of despair – especially when he is agitated.

Mark has a rap-sheet a mile long, but in recent years he has gotten better at avoiding arrest or attention from the law. Some say that is due to his use of ‘pawns’, as he calls them, but so far, no one has been able to link any of these pawns back to their master.

Rumors persist that he will seriously injure people using his real name – even to the point of death. Stories circulate of how some people who have done nothing but use his real name in his presence have often mysteriously gone missing, never to be heard from again.


Mark Small

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