Major Hans Rammstein

Zare iz nutzing zat can not be accomplished with zee proper application of pain.


Major Hans Rammstein stands about six feet tall, with dirty-blond hair and deep blue eyes. He is moderately built – not a weight-lifter by any means, but neither is he skinny. He definitely bears signs of having a soldier’s body and demeanor.

Major Rammstein possesses a Germanic accent, though at times he can restrain it and speak rather smooth ‘English’. He refuses to speak Chinese, though, and frowns on his subordiantes that do.

He walks and holds his posture very much like a solider would, stiff and very formal. He does not slouch or demonstrate bad habits of any kind.


Major Hans Rammstein is a deeply loyal citizen of the Alliance. He currently works as a Federal Marshal, coming over to the Aliiance Marshals Service following the War.

He is a perfectionist, and his sole goal in life seems to be the duty and service who the organization of which he is currently a part of. To that end, he has been known to use ‘extreme methods’ to succeed, and there are those he serves with who thinks he might be just a little off his rocker.

The man also knows how to hold a grudge forever. The grudge may be based on something incredibly small and minor, or large and important. Depending on what transgression others have committed against him that he has committed to his memory, his retribution and punishment that he doles out may or may not be severe.

He is almost always found in his Alliance officer’s uniform, and he is almost always armed with a stun baton. Maj. Rammstein also frequently works with a small group of marshalls who are very loyal to him, fanatically so if you ask other Alliance officers who know him.

Major Hans Rammstein

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