Loren Jeffers

Me and my guys are pros. You're not.


Loren Jeffers is an imposing man standing well above six feet in height. He has a strong, physical build, obviously keeping himself in shape. Even in his usual suit-tie combo, the bulges and angles of his outfit show that the man is a solid mass of muscle, which seems befitting of someone who works in security.

Mr. Jeffers wears his black hair cut short and slicked back with some sort of gel, his hazel eyes watching seemingly everything. He is always clean-shaven and presents a clean, chiseled look at all times.


Loren Jeffers is the chief of security for “Game On, Inc”, and has been an employee of Mr. Ringessen for almost fifteen years. He is loyal and observant, and takes his job as serious as anyone in the business.

Mr. Jeffers does not trust ‘outsiders’, or people he does not know very well. Pessimistic and jaded, he also is not afraid to openly share his opinion, either, not caring who hears it – or has a problem with it. While not outright insulting (usually), he also does not really filter what he says – except in the presence of Mr. Ringessen.

Loren Jeffers

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