Lisa Kung-lau

True peace is achievable, with ourselves, and the 'verse around us.


Lisa stands approximately 5’6" tall, and is very thin. Like many people from Sihnon, she appears much younger than she really is. She is in her late twenties, but appears to be in her early twenties. She has long, semi-wavy black hair that nearly reaches her shoulders, and brown eyes.

She possesses a long scar on her left forearm, clearly visible when she wears short-sleeved shirts, which she usually does. She does not seem particularly shy or embarrassed about it. She dresses extremely casual, jeans, hiking boots and plain, muted-color button-up shirts is the norm for her.


Lisa Kung-lau is the author of a Cortex-blog called ‘The Animal Within’, which examines the treatment of animals on various planets and moons. She is a proud member of “Universal Peace”, an watch-dog organization that seeks to protect planetary and moon environments and animals from the greed of men.

She is returning home to Londinimum to see her home-team from Sihnon face the Gators int the cricket ’Verse Cup, of course. She was on Hera coincidentally in order to study, but now that the finals are set and time is ticking, she signed-up to be a passenger in order to be able to attend the game on her own personal vacation time.

Lisa Kung-lau

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