Leonid Krikoff

I vill feex dat veeeech iz broken


6’5, 19 stone. 25 years old.

Leonid Krikoff,

Leonid was born to dirt farmers in the very vast outer reaches of civilization (Jiangyin) his family/tribe/village were pretty much wanderers whom looked for places to settle in areas no one else wanted to live and try to carve out a living and stop the wandering lifestyle.

Leonids father Uri was the village doctor (which is used very loosely) and mother Marta was the village (alchemist again very loosely) Uri taught him how to heal the others using a combination of intuition, and knowledge of the human body and poultice, salves, oils, incense, teas and other remedies that his mother Marta would create. As a boy Leonid was always in the healing station (tent) with his father learning the finer points of primitive medicine and when that got boring he would wander the wilds collecting ingredients and helping his mother create these mystical salves and poultice.

As the years went on Leonid grew into a very large boy, he was picked on by the children of the village because he was so much larger then them, so fights occurred and Leonid was often forced by his father Uri to attend to the children he had hurt as a punishment and sort of reconciliation.

As the years went on the tribe got quite large and factions emerged, Leonid was out gathering herbs and seeds and other things when ambushed by a group of older kids from another section of the growing village, a fight ensued, fear and rage blinded Leonids mind and during the course of the brawl a child was killed and many others badly hurt. (traumatic flashes)

This was a problem the Krikoff’s could not fix and were forced to leave the village and wander again looking for a place to call home, however a portion of the village left with them, friends that understood the good nature of Leonid and his family, also because of the politics that were bubbling to the surface amongst the village. So the group found another location, an even better location and they started anew, things were better, life was a little easier until a big mining consortium (insert whatever name is applicable) came to town and discovered a precious mineral (whatever you think it should be) that was sitting right under their village.

Initially the co-existence was peaceful and respectful, but as prospectors later realized they were sitting on a gold mine (no pun intended) and realized the savages had to go. Major arguments ensued between the villagers and big business, clashes turned violent, mercenaries were brought in to keep the savages under control, the violence escalated, rape, murder arson became the tools of big business in there quest to rape and pillage these precious lands.

Big business grew impatient and worship services were interrupted, buildings burned.

A major player we will call him Chuck from within the consortium was brought in to get the operation “streamlined” at any cost, in essence burn them out. The terror was at a fever pitch, buildings were burned, homes destroyed (more traumatic events) During one raid he ordered the destruction of the village school, so mercenaries arrived with all manner of weaponry to clean it up. During the struggles Chuck whom has an eye for talent started taking the children with plans to enslave them, young girls were destined to a life of prostitution and any other “profession” his eyes for talent determined, during the fighting

Chuck noticed many of his best hired hands were in various forms of incapacitation, Chuck could not understand as this was a school of children, so he followed the trail of bodies until he heard a struggle and came upon a vicious melee in which his men were getting their asses handed to them by young Leonid, Chuck was entranced by what he saw, this boy was a moving weapon, elbows, headbutts, knees, kicks, punches, biting, scratching…..just pure savagery.

After part of an ear and the ensuring blood streaked his face he snapped to and realized he could use this boy. After reinforcements arrived the boy has finally subdued, the village was ordered to be put to the torch, mining to start full speed and the slaves moved to a safer cages for re assignment.

One of Chucks side operations was an independent pit fighting business which would travel the outer regions of the frontier arranging matches with fighters/slaves from other regions. Business was good, Leonid was unstoppable and winning Chuck money he had only dreamed of.

Leonid went from cage to ring to cage to ring, destroying anything put in front of him on a nightly basis, then when the fights were over Leonid spent his time healing himself and his traveling band of slaves/fighters. Mending their wounds, setting their broken bones, helping with the mental stress and try to keep them all sane and able to fight, because as Chuck put it when you can’t fight anymore, your need to breathe comes to an end.

Chucks traveling roadshow caught the eyes of much bigger fish in the business, except there fights were to the death, the potential purses were 100x bigger then any before, Chuck decided he would roll the dice with his champion, the fighting had taken a tremendous toll on Leonid, Leonid was to the point he wanted to lose just so it would all be over, he had no family, he had no home, he had nothing but a cage and a ring and crazed people wanting him dead.

Chuck had hired on a woman to handle the money of this prosperous new enterprise, it was making him more money then his mining, prostitution or general slavery combined. This woman we will call Sandy fully realized where this money she had to manage was coming from, Chuck took a liking to her and started to wine and dine her, as he was something of a big fish in a much bigger pond she was on his arm at the bloodsports. After witnessing the savagery and carnage of the events first hand and seeing Leonid completely destroying (and killing) 4 slaves/fighters and seeing the pain on his face as he and his survivors walked back to their cages she realized she had to do something. Over time Sandy arranged for a chance for Leonid and the rest of the slaves to escape.

On a stop back on his home planet for another bloodsport event, Sandy greased a few palms and provided some unlocked doors, the slaves escaped and took to the wilds of home, running, hiding trying to avoid recapture. Over the years Leonid learned to embrace the wilds of his homeland, learning to survive, learning the finer points of the poultice and salves his mother Marta used to make and the techniques his father Uri had shown him as a boy, he no longer wanted to fight, fighting made him a monster, healing folks and protecting children from the slavers became his only goals in life.

During his time running, his companions either found their niche in life, or were taken in by good and loving families to live a better life, a life without fear, emptiness and despair. Sandy had an inclining that Leonid may try and go back home, as it was a new village had sprung up from the ruins of the old , the resources were not sustainable and the mining equipment substandard, the boon was short lived the equipment was no longer functioning and left in various states of disrepair. It was all for nothing.

Sandy had left word that if Leonid should ever return she was to be contacted immediately, when Leonid did return he found his parents home still standing (barely) and remembered his family’s secret hiding place to protect their precious personal items from raiders and thieves, he collected what personal items his family had left him, which included a photo of Uri and Marta, recipe books for Marta’s poultice and salves written in pictures (obviously) a .45 caliber pistol with the word (friend carved into the faded ivory grips) and his father Uri’s surgery knife (which is damn near a sword) and basic medical equipment. Sandy found him and after a heartbreaking reunion she talked with Leonid about what he was to do with his life and it was decided he was to get as far away from his home as possible and never come back, try to enroll in a school to learn proper medicine, try to help instead of hurt, try to become a man.

Sandy arranged for passage to some place far away (where ever the group is maybe) and left him enough money to enroll in a school or to start his own practice perhaps? As of landing in a new world Leonid had not decided which direction his fate will go, all he has are the clothes on his back and his pack with various items from his past life, along with a number to reach Sandy, she said she will always be watching him and would try to help in any way she could.


Agility D6
Strength D10
Vitality D10
Alertness D6
Intelligence D10
Willpower D6

Mean Left Hook (minor)
Saw Bones (minor)
Steady Calm (minor)

Easy Mark (major)
Combat Paralysis (minor)
Crude (minor)
traumatic Flashes (minor)

Animal handling D2
Athletics D6
Dodge D10
Craft D4
Discipline D4
Medical Expertise D6
> First Aid D8
> General Practice D8
> Internal Medicine D8
> Pharmaceuticals D8
> Rehabilitation D8
> Surgery D10
Perception D6
Survival D6
> Land survival D8
Unarmed Combat D6
> Brawling D12+D6

Leonid Krikoff

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