Lars and Laura Stallingsworth

Living the good life, one day at a time.


Lars is a tall, athletic man in his mid-30’s, standing just over 6’0" tall and weighing in under 200 pounds. His body looks like it was carved from marble. He has short, dark brown hair, and dark green eyes, and is rather pleasant to look at, making sure that he is almost always clean-shaven.

Laura is much shorter, about 5’6" tall, and has an athletic body in her mid 30’s, as well. She has long, straight black hair that falls past her shoulders, and a very dark complexion and full, red lips. She has dark eyes, like small perfect circles of obsidian.

Both Lars and Laura dress very impeccably for whatever occasion they are facing, though they obviously prefer dressing comfortably, as well


Lars and Laura are both ‘retired’ attorneys. They met each other in law school on Londinium and hit it off very quickly, and have been together ever since. Shortly after graduation they formed a law firm of their own that was an instant success, and they worked together as a team quite well. Soon, they were hiring junior partners, and business was so good for them they were able to retire after ten years. In doing so, they also sold their law firm for a princely sum and considerable percentages of the firm’s future earnings.

Saving their money, they purchased a resort of their own on Greenlief, which they sometimes use themselves, or loan out to friends. The resort is called the ‘Blue Lagoon’, and is quite literally a paradise.

Since purchasing the resort and spending time there, both Lars and Laura have become Gators fans, and are traveling to Londinium, glad to be a part of history as they follow the team from win to win!

Lars and Laura Stallingsworth

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