Jason and Mary Rankin

Hard work almost always pays off in the end


Jason Rankin is an older gentleman in his late 50’s, standing 6’4" tall. He towers over many people, and his stocky build suggests that he is strong and hardy. He has short gray hair and bright green eyes. He is almost always smiling, and seems to have a soft, good nature about him.

Mary Rankin is in her late 50’s as well and is considerably shorter, standing just over 5’6" tall. She is somewhat heavy-set, with long gray hair that she usually keeps tied back with a bow or hair clip. She has deep blue eyes filled with love and mischief for her husband.

Each of them dresses casually, in most cases. Mary does have a Greenleaf Gators jersey that she loves to wear, and it is obviously one of her most prized possessions.


Jason made his fortune as an Asteroid miner, working a lot of time in zero gravity. It was dangerous work, and one of out four people he worked with suffered some serious accident – or lost their life. Upon reaching 55, Jason decided to retire with a hefty pension, and combined with Mary’s own income from working for the mining company’s cafeteria system, they have a comfortable, though not overly wealthy life.

Both of them have always wanted to visit Londinium, and now they have the perfect reason to: the Gators are going to the ’Verse Cup!

Jason and Mary Rankin

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