Eugene "Rocket" Tremblay

"No problem captain, I can fly through that debris field blindfol... Tabarnak !!"




5’9" fairly wiry. Black hair typically cropped very short, blue eyes. A few piercings and military laser etched tattoos. Piercing stare, blinks very little (can be unnerving). Often seen with a glass, or a flask in his hand. 30 yo, looks a bit older.


Agility. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D10
Strength. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D6
Vitality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D8
Alertness . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D8
Intelligence . . . . . . . . . . .D8
Willpower. . . . . . . . . . . . . .D6

Derived Attributes:

Life Points: 12
Initiative: D8+D8
Endurance: D6+D8
Resistance: D8+D8
Movement: 15
Innate Defense: D10
Dodge: D10+D6


Born Behind the Wheel (Minor) : air/space vehicles
Friends in Low Places (Minor)
Born in the Black (Major)

Chip on the shoulder (Major)
Dead Broke (Minor)
Hooked to Booze (Minor)
Prejudice (Minor) vs Alliance type
Loyal (Minor) to his crew

Athletics D6
Covert D6
→ Streetwise D8
Discipline D6
Guns D6
→ Pistols D8
Influence D6
Heavy Weapons D6
→ Vehicle Mounted Guns D8
Perception D6
Planetary Vehicles D6
Pilot D6
→ Astrogation D10
→ Sensors D8
→ Small Spacecraft D10
→ Space survival D8
Ranged Weapons D6
Survival D2
Technical Engineering D4
Unarmed Combat D6
→ Brawling D8


A few facts about the Tremblays:

  • Legends have it that only one Tremblay made it out of the Earth That Was, and now they are spread all over the Rim worlds.
  • The Tremblays are “space gypsies.” People who do not like them, call them “space hillbillies.” They typically live in elderly ships that have been owned by their family for generations, upgraded and fixed over time. They avoid inbreeding by accepting outsiders from time to time. However anyone accepting to become a crewmember automatically also becomes a Tremblay. It’s like being adopted. They are very protective of their kin.
  • the Tremblays also own/maintain a few space stations, all located where the Alliance will not easily interfere with them.
  • During the Unification War, it’s no surprise that most Tremblays joined the Independants side…

Tremblays: Asset Friends in low places (Serenity Rulebook, p43

A few facts about Eugene:

  • Eugene was born on a family ship (the “Je me souviens”) working a mining settlement in an asteroid belt. He’s lived in space and never hit a planet’s ground until he was 12. (Asset : Born in the Black – Big Damn Heroes p30)
  • Eugene was trained to survive in space, pilot spaceships and astronavigate since he was a kid. More than formally trained, he turned out to be a natural (Asset: Born behind the Wheel – Serenity rulebook p42). In addition to mining operations, his crew often delved into illegal operations: smuggling, scavenging, a little B&E on Alliance controlled stations (this is where he picked up some valuable covert operation skills, as well as brawling and handling firearms, which was later on reinforced by his stint in the Navy).
  • By the age of 17, Eugene was the main pilot of his family’s mining ship. That’s when the War started. Young and impetuous, he decided to join the Independent “Navy,” actually a bunch of ragtag, pieced together ships. He quickly became one of the best pilots in this squadron, but this did not make any difference. The alliance has more ships, disciplined pilots and ships that were not actually falling apart before the dogfights.
  • Toward the end of the conflict, Eugene had a traumatic experience that changed his life. A couple weeks before the end of the Serenity Valley battle, Tremblay’s squadron was ambushed by and Alliance battle division. It was a slaughterhouse. All of Eugene’s friends died in a matter of minutes, a few of them actually threw their star-fighters at the command ship, like the Kamikaze of old. This bought some time for Tremblay and his wingman to try and escape. They were however caught my long range missile. His wingman was destroyed on the spot, but Tremblay’s survived the blast. His gunman died on the spot, the ship was dead, and Eugene was stuck for days. He stayed there, staring at his friend whose space suite had been punctured, counting the hours of remaining heat and air in his helmet’s HUD. Lost in space for days in a dead ship, a dead emergency beacon, and a corpse; Eugene almost lost his mind. Many times ee thought about ending this with his service weapon, but he never had the constitution for suicide. He wondered why he was still alive… There was only a couple hours left on his suit’s life support system when a scavenger ship rescued him…
  • Eugene was severely dehydrated but otherwise rather healthy when he woke up in the Firefly class ship’s sickbay. His rescuer had to sedate him to get him out of the fling coffin he had been trapped in for days. Indeed he was healthy, but his mind had been damaged by the loss of his brothers at arms and the time he had spent in the dead ship. He was suffering from serious shell-shock, and the ship’s medic was not trained to deal with this kind of trauma. Eugene also soon learned that the Independents had just lost the war. It was all for naught…
  • The ship’s captain (a tough cookie named Prudence Chang-Li) was actually heading for the rim worlds to pickup some contraband, and accepted to transport Eugene to his family ship’s sector. During the trip, he made acquaintance with the crew and help take shifts for piloting the ship. He quickly took a liking to both the machine and its inhabitants. However they all realized that something wasn’t quite right with Eugene. Something was shattered inside him, and who knows how long it would take to heal. The realized Tremblay was quite a pilot as well, as he managed to lose an alliance patrol with disconcerting ease.
  • On arrival to the destination sector (a fairly remote location, shielded from alliance scanners by a thick asteroid field), Eugene found a ghost ship. It had obviously been attacked a while ago, and the weaponry used was clearly Alliance technology… Fortunately, the ship was empty. Did its crew escape on time, or were they removed? If so, for what reason? The ships logs were unreadable, or they could have been intentionally wiped…
  • Eugene had no home left. He could only hope that his family had survived. He needed to locate some of them by contacting remote members of his family. He could not go anywhere without a ship though, and it seemed he was going to have to stick with this derelict Firefly and its crew for a while. If they could put up with him, that is…
  • Eugene has been working with the ship’s crew since then, became the main pilot (to the captain’s relief). After spending many sleepless nights, he started turning to the bottle and has become a somehow functional drunk (Complication: Hooked). He is unable to keep any money, either spending his wages on frivolous activities, or gambling it away (Complication: Dead Broke). His hostility toward the alliance, reinforced by the findings about his family ship, has turned to hatred (Complication: Prejudiced). Since the war, he as refused to back down from any conflict, which has caused quite a bit of trouble (Complication: Chip on the shoulder). Eugene is nevertheless a talented pilot, capable of handling pretty much any ground, air or space vehicle with ease. His knowledge of space survival has been an important asset to the crew. He has also proved fiercely loyal to his crew mates, especially Cap’ Chang-Li (Complication: Loyal). He considers he owes a great debt toward the captain for saving his life (Relationsihp: “I owe you a big one”).

Eugene "Rocket" Tremblay

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