Corporal Sam Wilson

"So... Reavers are REAL..."


Corporal Samuel Wilson stands about 5’10" tall with short, sandy-brown hair with blue-green eyes. He is in his early twenties, and his physical conditioning is excellent, that of an enthusiastic enlisted Alliance soldier.


Cpl. Wilson has been an Alliance soldier for almost two years. He was enjoying his current tour of duty aboard the IVF Middenburg when it was attacked by Reavers and destroyed.

However, Wilson was captured by the party and dragged along with them to Nightengale, where he was given a chance to come with them. With the Middenburg so badly damaged, Wilson felt he had little choice, and he knew he could always blame his ‘abduction’ on the crew of the Middenburg.

Wilson was looked upon with great trepidation by members of Nightengale, and the Captain especially kept an eye on him, looking for any signs of betrayal or sabotage. But Wilson not only behaved himself, especially grateful to be allowed to come aboard Nightengale especially after the Middenburg imploded from a core-reactor breach minutes after Nightengale escaped. (3.5 minutes, to be exact).

Since then, with a week aboard Nightengale to think about things as the ship made its way to Greenleaf, Wilson has really thought hard about his future. When the Captain offered him a spot on Nightengale, he accepted. He knew it was going to be a challenge – most of the crew seemed rather hateful towards the Alliance, especially the drunken-pilot, but Wilson was sure that, with time, he’d be able to prove his worth.

Corporal Sam Wilson

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