Charles Ringessen

"We're going all the way this year. Watch us."


Charles Ringessen is a tall man, nearly 6’3" in height, wiry built, in his mid to late 50s. He wears a flat-top hair cut of salt-and-pepper color, and sports a neatly trimmed mustache. He seems to always look quite serious, despite the laugh and smile-lines carved on his face.

He dresses well at all times, usually a suit-tie combo of dark, muted colors.


Charles Ringessen is the owner of the “Greenleaf Gators”, the planet’s premier cricket team. He has owned the team for about a decade, yet this year’s team is the best he’s ever had, mainly due to the efforts of his two start players: Rob and Bob Sam.

He gained his wealth that hard way – by working for it, starting with almost nothing at the age of 18. Since then, he’s raised himself through the ranks of the middle class and vaulted himself into the stratosphere thanks to a large number of risky business ventures dealing with mining asteroids and moons about the ’verse. His boldness has paid off, as he is a tycoon of decent wealth now, and one of his favorite possessions is the Greenlean cricket team.

He is also the founder and CEO of “Game On, Inc”, his multi-million dollar sports business that sells jerseys, posters, hats – you name it – representing a large number of teams and sports across the ‘verse’.

Charles Ringessen

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