Billy Bertrum Sam "BB" (MIA)

"Whaddya mean no grenades?"


Age: 32 Height: 6’3" Weight: 215lbs Hair: Sandy Blonde Eyes: Blue
Religion: Buddhist (he thinks)
Birth Planet: Unknown (Greenleaf)
Education: Hah!
Advancement points: 6
Plot Points: 6

Agility: d12
Strength: d10
Vitality: d8
Altertness: d6
Intelligence: d4
Willpower: d6

Initative: D12+D6
Life Points: 18


Fighting Type (major)
Tough as Nails (major)

Greedy (minior)
Loyal (Alice, minor)
Slow Learner – Literacy (minor)


Ranged Weapons d6

  • Thrown d8
    Unarmed Combat d6
  • Kung Fu d12
    Athletics d6
  • Dodge d10
    Guns d6
  • Pistols d10
  • Rifles d12
    Perception d6
    Covert d6
  • Stealth d12

Weapons Locker

1250 rds of ammo (various, in several crates)
300 delpleted uranium rds (stored in lead lined box)
20 Concussion Grenades
20 Flash Grenades
29 Fragmentation Grenades
15 Smoke Grenades

Whisper Combat Shotgun – silenced (Mag. 6, D10w, Rate: 2)
AR19 Sub-macnhine gun (Mag. 40, D6w, Rate: 3**)
Iskellian Sniper Rifle – silenced (R:3, D10w, x32 scope, Mag: 12) – carrying case
Tek40 Full Auto Pistol (R. 3**, D6w, Mag. 20)
PK12 Peacekeeper clip fed (Mag. 12, D6w, R:3) – automatic pistol
Marakov Rapid Fire autormatic pistol (Mag:8, D6w, R:5)
Avenger automatic Pistol – silenced (Mag. 8, D6w, R:3)


Ballistic Mesh Light Armor (-1W, converts up to 8 wds to stun)
Infantry Helment, cammoflauge (-1 Alertness, -4 W)
Plate Vest, cammoflauge (-1 Agility, -4 W)
Armored Loncoat (-1Agility, -4w) – black


Electronic Lockpicks
2 Electro Magnetic Charges
2 Gun Vac Cases
4 gun cleaning kits
6 bottles fine whiskey
Concealed holster
Tactical holster
Grenade Harness
Clothes (6 sets)
2 pair combat boots
tennis shoes
Black full length leather duster
Leather cowboy hat, black
3 pair black leather gloves
2 pair sunglasses
2 Real Chocolate bars

Credits: 559


A vetran of the reunification war, BB received a severe head wound and was evacuated out of Serenity Valley before the Alliance secured the site, and eventually the planet. He was shipped to a medical facility that wasn’t far behind the front lines where he recovered. It was soon evident that he had lost all memory of the battle and of his personel life before that. Soon the advanciing lines of the Alliance offensive had overrun the hospital and he was transfered to a POW facility where he recouperated until the war was over.

Released to a backwater planet in a program deisgned to rehabilitate and relocate hostiles (read: the Allianced dumped him and several hundred others onto a dustball to get them out of the inner systems), BB soon found that the only thing he was good at was enforcing. He worked for several small time bosses until he had earned the credits to buy passage offworld. He purchased a one way trip to Persephone at the recommendation of an agent that represented a crime boss named Berraconi, and began working for higher pay there. Eventually he was working as Berraconi’s personal hit man, doing the hard jobs that his boss didn’t trust to his other men. BB started to become unstable during this time, having long bouts of depression or violent incidents that left him unable to function normally for periods of time. This is when he met Alicera. Unbeknownst to him Alice had been looking for him for months, and by hiring a hacker had traced him to the backwaters moon he had been working, and from there to Persephone. His little sister had finally found him, and made contact with Berraconi, arranging to take her brother offworld with her.

Armed with the medical reports of his trauma and amnesia, BB found her to be an unshakable tag along where ever he went. Unable to seduce her, and unable to scare her off, eventually he has come to view her as an often annoying, but trustworthy friend. Together they have been working merchant boats for the past seven years.

Billy Bertrum Sam "BB" (MIA)

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