Brad Armstrong

"Ever been with a star-cricket player before? Wanna change that?"


Brad is a pretty handsome hunk of a man, standing just over six feet tall with a lithe, firm athletic form. He has short black hair that he often wears spiked with a small amount of gel, and has baby-blue eyes that have made the hearts of many a girl melt.


Brad is one of the first-string eleven players of the planetary cricket team from the planet Greenleaf. Being in his mid 20’s, he’s been on the team for four seasons, and this season has been his statistically best one yet. Coaches say that his improvement is due to natural talent as well as having Rob and Bob Sam on the team as his mentors.

Brad is a cagey guy who loves the ladies. It’s the thing he loves most about being on such a visible sports team. Money comes with the territory when you get to the level he’s at, but it’s the ladies that he plays for.

His parents are potato farmers, as are 99.9% of the inhabitants of Greenleaf. He dropped out of school in order to go for the cricket tryouts, and was one of the lucky ones chosen from over a thousand players trying to make the Greenleaf team. He simply doesn’t know what he’d be doing if he wasn’t playing his favorite game for a living. He secretly dreads the day that his skills or physical abilities start to decline, but he’s saving money and hopes that he never has to farm another potato again!

Brad wears the number ‘11’ on the Greenleaf team, and is one of the team’s best batsmen.

Brad Armstrong

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