Baron Ranmark Otello

"So sad to see the old ways disappear and fade into obscurity..."


Baron Ranmark Otello is a tall, slender man standing nearly 6’3" tall, with a lithe build that hints at a man who used to be stockier when he was younger. His gray-and-black hair is cut short and always slicked-back, revealing a receding hairline rather proudly. He hears his goatee very thickly and always perfectly manicured.

Otello is almost always found in an Alliance military uniform, displaying large numbers of awards, medals, and ribbons. He is rather proud of his long service to the Alliance, obviously. He sometimes walks with the aid of a black cane, though it seems as though he has actual little real need for one.

He is friendly and polite until given reason not to be.


Baron Otello is a long-time veteran of the Alliance military engine, having served for thirty years amongst their ranks. He began his career as a front-line solider, but by the time the war of Independence came along, he was already a decorated officer serving in a logistics batallion.

Otello’s family line can be traced with deep military connections all the way back to Earth-that-Was. Because of this, along with his own service in the military, Otello has numerous, perhaps even countless military and governmental connections.

Baron Ranmark Otello

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