"I'm above you, better than! Businessman, see? Roots in the community. You're just a scavenger!"


Badger is a man that stands about 5’10" tall, and speaks with a rough British accent. He typically wears dark suits (sometimes stained or well-worn and threadbare in places), and ties, and is almost never found without his trademark dark bowler on his head.


Badger operates as a minor crimelord of sorts with big dreams. He works out of his “offices” in the Eavesdown Docks area on the planet Persephone. He speaks with a heavy ‘east-end’ accent that identifies him as a native of Dyton Colony. Although he is primarily active on Persephone, he keeps connections on several other planets and moons, though mostly on the Rim.

Fence, Info Dealer, Con Man, Loan Shark… these are some of the ‘occupations’ he could list on his resume. Just ‘straight’ enough to stay out of jail, just criminal enough for rogues to do business with, you best watch your back when dealing with him, no matter how wide his smile might be. He watches out for himself first, but has a reputation for coming through in the end – as long as you hold up yours.


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