Alicera Sam

"I ain't met an engine that I can't make sing."


Alicera Sam


Resume of Alicera Sam
144111 Grapevine Hwy
Defafnyr Province, Greenleaf
Cortex mail: Alicestoolbox@coremail.uni

Objective/Summary: I am a ship construction mechanic and technical engineer and repair specialist with a focus on mechanical ship engine. While my past employment has been in ship construction and shipping yards preparing ships for lift and flight ready, my goal is to move from building to actual repair and maintenance of ships in current flight status, working on commissioned and running star ships.

DeFafnyr Corporation, freight vehicle construction,maintenance, and repair
DeFafnyr Corporation, land vehicle maintenance
DeFafnyr Silks Division, farming vehicle and equipment yard
DeFafnyr Vineyard Division, juicers and quality control machine maintenance
Babysitting and teaching minor mechanical repair to children of various employees of the DeFafnyr Corporation base on Greenleaf.

Relevant Skills:
Basics physical and mental Core Evaluation scores:
Agility (d) 6
Strength (d) 6
Vitality (d) 6
Alertness (d) 8
Intelligence (d) 10
Willpower (d) 10

Specialist Skills:

Covert (d) 6
Stealth (d) 8
Sabotage (d) 8
Guns (d) 4
Technical Engineering (d) 6
Hacking* (d) 8
Unarmed Combat (d) 6
Brawling (d) 8
Mechanical Engineering
Repair (d) 12 plus Talented Repair +(d) 4
Maintenance: (d) 10
Talented: Mechanical Empathy
Create Mechanical Device d8
Perception: (d) 6
Hearing (d) 8

Aveena Bay Basic School (1-12)
Fusion-Tec Career College


Combat paralysis
Allergy to pollen


Alicera is a savant when it comes to mechanics, and she has an empathic sense to both people and machines. Her hearing is great, especially when listening to a sick engine. Girl is book smart. Street smart? Not so much.

She’s only so-so with a pistol and not bad in a fight, but she shines in an all out brawl. Creativity in a fracas was learned the hard way with 6 older brothers. Yep, Mom and Pop kept trying until on the 7th child they finally had a little princess. Princess however preferred chasing after her brothers rather than wearing frilly dresses. She preferred engine grease to perfume. Not that she doesn’t blush around a pretty boy. She just doesn’t get why women put all that glop on their faces when swapping spit is gonna smear it all off.

She grew up on Greenleaf, started her mechanics career working on keeping shuttles and cargo ships running for the De’Fafnyr Wine industry. She spent her days under the bellies of starships, and her nights wishing on the stars that she might be up there someday.

She got her wish when…….Well here’s the story. When she was 12, her big brother went off to war. He often had teased her about her dreaming of flying among the stars, and when he left for the war, he ruffled her hair and handed her a toy pig with wings, saying his last words to her, “You’ll get in the sky when pigs fly.”

Twelve years later, war is over, and her brother is missing in action or dead. She’s 17 and dating a cute but nerdy hacker. He found a buried record of her big brother and she naturally, sold everything she had and made deals to work off part of her ticket cost to get herself to the planet he’d been dumped on.

A doctor there told her that he had amnesia, and that he was a bit unstable so it was important for him to get his memory back slowly and naturally, not forced. This unstableness rears its head once and a while when he has to sit things out during a job because of the way the war messed up his head.

She traveled with him for 7 years working merchant ships. She is now 24 and working on a ship captained by Prudence Chang-Li, having been hired on with the condition that her “friend” (and secret brother) is hired too.

**(she will have my grandmother’s “ya’ll” accent when I’m in character, yes it sounds like Kaylee but you’ll have to get used to it. Alice is a past character of mine in MMO games and has always been a tomboy)

Alicera Sam

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