Adelai Niska

"This money, it is too much. You should have some small refund..."


Adelai Niska has a grandfatherly appearance hides his true nature. He speaks with a thick eastern-European accent and rarely raises his voice. He regularly dresses in well-made suits and ties, or the occasional cardigan sweater. He enjoys the finer things, elegant things, his most prized possessions consisting of antiques from Earth-That-Was.

He is a slender man in his 60’s standing approximately 5’10" tall. His piercing blue-green eyes contribute to his intimidating gaze, especially when unhappy.

“You know what is reuptation? Is people talking, is gossip. I also have reputation; not so pleasant, I think you know. Now for you, my reputation is not from gossip. You see this man? Ehh, he does not do the job. I show you what I do with him, and now for you my reputation is fact. Is solid. You do the job for me, then you are solid.”


Adelai Niska is a powerful leader of a criminal syndicate that deals in murder, extortion, robbery, drugs, and various other forms of crime.

His grandfatherly appearance hides his true nature: a sadist who enjoys torturing those who offend him or fail him. He has several men capable of practicing the art of torture, but he particularly enjoys conducting it himself on certain victims who displease him in some particular fashion.

Niska is intelligent, very dangerous and completely ruthless. He is known to keep to the deals he makes, but if the person on the other end varies from the agreement even the slightest amount, his disappointment will come at a price. He is well-known for the acts of revenge he exacts upon those who cross him, as ‘reputation’ is incredibly important to him.

Niska makes his home and conducts his business from an armed space station, called a ‘Skyplex’, around the planet Ezra.

Adelai Niska

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