Into The Black

To Be or Not to Be - SESSION 2

Winter 1603, England



HOME of Will Shakespeare

  • Afternoon, leave for Lucy Henry’s home

HOME of Lucy Henry, well-to-do neighborhood

  • Tea Room
    • Talk with Lucy. Learn the following:
      • Sister married to wealthy Dutch Merchant, child: Marijne
      • Lucy has not seen Barker.
        • Barker from good family despite his poor manners


  • Meet with Philips. Learn the following:
    • Last saw David Moore 6 months previous
      • Moore sat in a corner of the Inn after a fight, mumbling, repeating to himself, “Dutchie and Joeseph”
        • Tall man entered and took Moore away
      • Last saw Moore 3 weeks ago
        • Says Moore was as ‘Weak as Marlow’ and that now ‘St Mary’s would be the best place for him.’


  • Office of Dr. Frederick Pullman
    • Learn that Moore was checked in by local watch
      • Composes in cell. Beautiful but insane sounding
  • Moore’s Cell
    • Moore: Missing eye, clothes tattered, clumps of hair missing, deep scar and face ruined on one side
      • He hums constantly, a bewildering variety of airs and songs. Insane but a marvel. Says the word ‘King’ again and again.
    • Learn that humming a tune get’s the mad Moore to start a chaotic but information-filled musical oration full of mathematical purity. This goes on for about 3 hours with Viola and reveals the following:
      • Moore played for the Queen in the 1590’s
      • Moore met the advisor to the Queen at the time, a Dr. John Dee.
      • Told the doctor that his inspirations came from dreams.
      • Dr. John Dee told Moore of his ‘Enochian’ language and his contact with ‘Angels’ which Moore asked to witness
      • Learn of Dr. Dee’s student Joseph Barker and Dr. Dee’s companion Edward Kelly
      • Moore’s crystal gazing to contact an entity drove off Edward who thought it farcical.
      • Moore joins the company of Joseph Barker, the Dutchman Johann Van der Wyck (Writer), Christopher Marlow and others now using larger crystals for purposes of contacting an entity known as ‘The King in Yellow’
      • The ‘Company’, blindfolded, were brought to an unknown location in London where they summoned an ‘unspeakable monstrosity’, Marlowe is eventually killed
      • Moore could hardly contain the inspiration from this experience and his mind begins to unhinge
      • At the Mermaid Inn, Barker tries to help Moore but Moore shoots Barker in the chest then shoots himself.
      • Surviving, Moore is taken to St Mary’s
      • Manchester locals learn of Dr. John Dee’s use of the ‘Dark Arts’ and is publicly disgraced
      • Edward Kelly was a ‘Scryer’ who met his demise in Europe.


  • Jeweler’s shop from boat on the Thames, enter through window
    • Workshop, in disarray as if occupants left in a hurry
      • Recover the following:
        • Gems and Gold pieces
        • Two Crystals and a note dated in the future- January 12th and mathematical geometric statements, likely instructions perhaps
        • Cloak with symbols on the collar. Smells of the sea
    • Upstairs
      • A note to Van der Wyck from Joseph and poster for the play Hamlet on January 8th
    • Secret Room, smells like the sea
      • Notable contents:
        • Carved symbol
        • 100 pcs of Amber
        • Naked woman with welts, lacerations, ruined face, leech marks on floor to ceiling pole. Body cold and not decomposing.
        • Cameos of two women’s faces, one is Marijne.

HOME of Will Shakespeare

  • Party inside, Shakespeare not there
    • Simon remains, rest of group to Viola’s to sleep


HOME of Lucy Henry, well-to-do neighborhood

  • Housekeeper reports Lucy left moments before after receiving a note from Joseph to meet him in the St. James Park in one hour.

ST JAMES PARK, Hard rain

  • Copse of Trees
    • Lucy with Barker, animated conversation followed by embrace
      • Party closes
      • Lucy struck and dragged into hedgerow by Barker
      • Missiles fly from 3 men emerging from the hedge
        • Simon and Robert hit
        • Viola hurts one badly with return fire


Jolly good work Sire !

To Be or Not to Be - SESSION 2

Thank you goodly Keeper. I will gladly edit as we find nits. Just added a date.

To Be or Not to Be - SESSION 2

I like the bullet-point structure, it’s very practical.

To Be or Not to Be - SESSION 2

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