Into The Black

The Game Gets Bigger

Reavers, Alliance, Cricket calamities. We’ve been through it all, fighting the bad guys with great frequency of late, so much so, it’s taking me less time to take a swing when I need to. Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s that without a big brother traveling with us I’ve found a bit more courage to defend myself. I dunno, a combination of both?

The job of keepin’ my twin brothers’ team safe has been quite the adventure. More has happened since the brawl at the bar and the party in the ship. For one, we won the game on Hera and will move on to the the ’Verse Championship on Londinium.

But before we get there, well, the game didn’t get off without a hitch. In the background while the game played on, we had succeeded in fouling a kidnap attempt one one of the twins, and freed a girl held hostage as well. I think I talked about that in my last journal entry.

Getting ready for the next flight, I decided that it would be too risky to keep hacking into dock securities at each stop, so after coming back from the Temple to give alms, I created two more sensors (which took some time as the cameras I added were tricky) to the one I had put on the team’s ship last time. This way instead of dock security cameras, we could watch with our own, and record when not there to watch them.

We are waiting for word from Mr. Tighty Whitie as to when we lift off. In the meantime, we got a call from Ram-sleeze. He offered us amnesty and credits to turn over Rocket to him. What the ‘Sleeze wanted was information from him. It took a lot of throwin’ ideas around before we could settle on a plan. See, while tryin’ to show us how comfortable Rocket’s prison cell would be, Ramstein’s camera rolled across the images of two women being held captive. One of them was a friend of Rocket’s, a feisty one that is registered with the Companion’s Guild. The other woman’s image put Doc in all kinds of anxiety. I’ve never seen him so shook-up!

So we went through ideas. We couldn’t turn over Rocket to ‘Sleeze unless we could come up with a plan to rescue those women, and there just wasn’t a way we could come up with a safe way to turn in Rocket and then get him back out again.

Hacking into their crew list, I discovered that Ram-Sleeze wasn’t registered as being aboard. That didn’t really help much other than he seems to be either on a covert mission, or a personal one.

We got ahold of the Companion’s Guild and they set t’getting that one free. In the end, Capt’n made a deal with Sleeze that we’d agree to let him meet Rocket in a public place. I’m not sure what was agreed upon that Sleezy would give us in exchange for that. The next deal was that that Ram-sleeze could ask Rocket questions, get the information that he’d been chasing Rocket over, in exchange for the ladies.

The deal was made to meet in the diner we’d gone to next door from the brawl at the Pot & Kettle last time we were on Hera. We got there before them and set ourselves up to protect Rocket. Me an’ Preacher stayed in the mule for a quick get-away if need be since Preacher has been learnin’ to drive it and Rocket would be preoccupied with answerin’ questions. Leo was at the backdoor of the diner until Ramstein’s goons got showed up to guard the back, so we found out later that Doc had moved to the kitchen and when he came out he smelled enough like onions t’make my eyes sting.

Sleeze kept to his word, and the ladies were freed to us. Back to Nightengale we all went, and then we alerted the passengers we took on that Nightengale would be lifting off soon. I ran down to the team’s ships and attached the sensors (that finally have working cameras) and we lifted off as smooth as Rocket’s ever done. He must have been pretty tanked.

Meeting the ladies we’d saved, I found Rocket’s friend had an energy much like Rocket’s but with a touch of sultry and not smellin’ of booze. Don’t know if that will change now that’s she’s out of a locked cell. Leo’s friend, Natasha, she was real bad off. Once Doc got Natasha sedated, he told us an incredibly sad story, all that he and Natasha had been through together. It explains his feelings for her and why he was so anxious to get her freed. I’m not sure, but I take it he’s protective of her, like a sibling. It also explains how he knows all that natural medicine an’ healing stuff.

We ended up with yet one more passenger, a stowaway. Found him naked in my bunk. Brad. This tryst with him is getting complicated. I hope he’s in this for fun and not expecting a relationship. My first love is this ship and the heart of her I keep running smooth. My life is here, in the Black.



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