Into The Black

Leonid and Natasha come clean

I didnt want to play this out last night as it would have taken too much time, and by the time it came up it was getting quite late, but I also didnt want to just gloss over it. This can be as interactive as you want or as little as you want.

Leo and Natasha will call a meeting with the crew, they will cook up a fine meal of what they would eat while living on the run for 2 years on Jiangyin. Which probably consists deep fried rocks, rotten or partially spoiled veggies, nice tasty bugs, slugs and the carcass of something dead that the buzzards did not eat blended with the herbs from his garden and the finest homemade vodka and virgin shirley temples for the more pious individuals :-)

Leo and Natasha were both taken as slaves a very young age, Leo 14 and Natasha 10. They lived in the same cell block aboard the Chuck Schwarsky travelling entertainment group, which would come to the lesser planets in the realm as an entertainment extravaganza like a travelling Las Vegas of tents, coming to your town to bleed you of all your money for a week of the most vile entertainment you could stomach. Once all the cities on said planet were wringed of all the credits they could get they packed up and visited the next planet. For these two it went on for 7 years.

From the age of 10 Natasha was a prostitute and unlike high priced and classy companions this was a free for all, whomever had the most money could pretty much do whatever they liked for as long as they liked, assuming the slaves returned more or less in 1 piece and breathing. This time left Natasha as a broken soul, no will to live, no self esteem, no skills in life, nothing but a rotten piece of meat.

Leo was part of the fighting troupe, Chuck and his promotions team would dress up all the fighters in outlandish costumes and antagonize the locals to find all the local toughs and build up their egos through a fixed tournament of fighting which rallied the village against the roadshow, obviously allowing the locals to advance to the point where the toughest of the locals would advance to the main event, usually on the last evening of the roadshow, it pitted the towns champion against the roadshows champion, the towns ALWAYS rallied behind their guy and usually bet everything they had to beat the champion. And of course they never did, Leo was so full of hate, rage and anger the final bouts never lasted long and usually the local tough would remain in intensive care for many weeks, while the roadshow rolled along.

This was wash, rinse and repeat for almost 7 years, Leo was in charge of keeping the slaves healthy enough to perform, whether that was mending wounds, treating and curing diseases or keeping the slaves from killing themselves that was Leo’s job outside of pounding people into dust.

Chuck was a very shrewd business man and realized the dog and pony show needed to stop, no more setting up tents and travelling on busses, this was going to be an independent fighting circuit, the rim planets would bid for the services and house the events in the finest arenas across the black, in the last year they received 12 bids so every month an event was set, this was now something different, the fights were now to the death and the stakes were massive and the demand was insane. Leo was making him more money then he could count, the events got more intense fighting in pits filled with broken glass or cages of razor wire anything to get more people to watch and more money to be bet.

Chuck became the biggest promoter in the underground fighting scene and with Leo in his stable he could not lose, until one of Chucks accountants discovered where this money came from and at what cost in human lives, by this time Leos mental state had deteriorated to the point of suicides, simply lose this next fight and he could finally go to sleep, however just before the match, this woman arranged for Leo and the slaves in his cell block to escape which included Natasha. They ran.

Leo was put in charge of the rest of the slaves and managed to live off the lands of Jiangyin for 2 years hiding and surviving on anything they could find until all of the slaves were placed in good homes with loving good families that would take care of them and rehabilitate them to become someday normal people, Natasha was like his little sister and he was incredibly protective and when the time and Leo was 100% sure he left her with her new family.

Having no one to care for and no prospects in life Leo returned to the ruins of his home and was discovered by sandy the woman who set the slaves free, she arranged for passage to the furthest planet from Jiangyin and a few names and some money. This turned into a job on the Nightengale.

At this point half drunk and teary eyed they show you what 7 years of slavery looks like, Leo shows you his back which is a complete mess of scar tissue which he smiles and says he could not fix because his hands cannot reach these places, and upon looking closely at Natasha while strikingly beautiful from 2 feet away you see the well hidden damage that has been brought upon her and looking in her eyes you wonder how much damage is behind those eyes?

Leo closes and says he must protect Natasha as Chuck and his group was behind the events that led to Natasha being arrested, this puts the crew in possible danger and if that is too much of a burden for the ship then they will leave at Londinium.



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