Into The Black

Amateur hour......

The day after the party we were summoned to the stadium when we getz to zee stadium we have many new screenz showing seemingly every inch of zeee stadium, after listening to owner Mr. Charlz explain all thees new tingz one camera goes dark Mr Jefferz and his men go to check out what iz wrong with new screenz showing blackz, we volunteered to check dis but Mr Jefferz insist.

After some time has passed we get callz on radio explaining troublz, we run down to help and find men down and a stink in the airz, Aliceria and I start to drag zee men in black to zee safety and Prudy and Rocket find grenade of gas which caused troublz, zee lightz and fans get turned back onz, zen anothr callz comes to radio about hostages and more trouble, I take zee gun from Mr Jeffers and doctors are on zee way to help as we come back up to level were zee playerz are housed.

One of zee team doctorz has needle to neck of Aliceria’s brother Bob or Rob? I do not know all zee crickets look zee same to me, Prudy tries to negotiate with zis doctor, he sayz man have his daughter and force him to take zee Bob cricket…..or was it zee Rob cricket? Rocket and Wilson and Prudy work a planz to shoot zee doctor, Prudy gets them to move outside roomz and gives signal to shoot and Wilson shootz zee doctor in zee shoulderz, we secure hostage and zee doctorz.

We decide zee doctor was not bad man, just manipulated by very bad manz, docotorz explain were trade offf of cricket hostage take plaze and we decide Rocket will dress like doctorz and Wilson will be zee the cricket, we follow but not closely down many levels until finally at end of long hallwayz we find bad manz who wants Cricket to sabotage crickets game, Prudy Aliceria and me Leonid hide around corner waiting, zee man tells cricket to get down and crawl away from Rocket, manz zen sayz doctor rocketz iz no longer needed and shootz rocket, Wilson crawls towards bad manz and Rocket throws grenade of lightz and zee smokz but somehow grenade hits ceilling and lands between doctor rockets and cricket wilson, both now cannot seez, meanwhile Prudy gets gunz and says shootz high and follow, Prudy goes around corner and shoots zee gunz, Aliceria and me leonid are still trying to get past fears of killinz, I make zee gunz loadedz and take deep breath and run around cornerz, I shootz and shootz and shootz but flashing lights and smokez confuse mind and I see Wilson playing cricketman fallz down as I get to side doorz passage, I have shot blinded cricketmanz Wilson in zee back!!!!!!

Prudy must have hit somezing with oil as badmanz realizez thingz turn badz fleez and leavez footprints of oilz. Prudy, Rocket and me leonid decide to chaze badmanz, Aliceria finally works up zee courage to come around corner in time to see uz givingz chaze. I quickly check Wilsons and tell him to put fingerz in zee bullet hole and he will be goodz, then join chase for bad man, we climb up many many many stairz and wounded Rocketz cannot keep pace, Aliceria also cannot maintain zee pace, so Prudy and me leonid chaze man up to upper decks of seating, many peoplz dressed in silly colors confuze and we alomst lose badmanz, ever clever Prudy zees the oily footprints, pointz and tells me leonid she sees man and to get him, I see manz at stairwell watching zee start of zee games, I run very fast and decide I will take man down and ride him down zee stairwells using face as cushion, I tackle man perfectly and push face down into stone steps as we slide down zee stairwellz, he iz in much pain and after quick chat with man spitting out teeth we learnz he was forced to switch into oily shooz or face beating, luckily he did switchz zee shoez so not beating waz given poor manz. I say I am sorryz and zee chaze begins anew.

We starts to tink where would be good place to shoot cricketz and decide it must be up, we climb more stairz and ask man at fistpoint if they zee tall blond man has been by and he says yez and points up to top of stadium seats, finally we zee manz with rifles climbing light towerz with no shooz, Prudy starts to climnb zee towerz and shoots up at mans buttocks, I cannot getzs good shootinz so I shoot at zee glass lights, i remember diehard movies where manz walkz on broken glass with no shooz, i hit zee lightz one and broken glass showerz down on platform, at this time Rocketz and Aliceria arrive, rocketz has beer in hand and fat seciryt guardz chasing him, Prudy and badmnz climz higher and I wait for barefoot badmanz to fall into glass trappz I leonid setz for him, Rocket tries to get clear shotz as fat securty man triez to recover stolen beerz, rocketz finally shootzs and hits man before leonids clever trapz and falls down ladderz, Prudy gets out of wayz just in time as man fallz to hard stone floorz, zee peoplez waching cricketz are confused by all zee shootinz but qiuckly get backzzz to zee gamez.

We Prudy findz only 1 key on dead barefoot man, we ask fat security guardz what zis keey is forz and he shows us cleaning lockerz and we open and open and open and findz zee doctors little girl, we bring her back to zee office of securityz and watch zee last of zee crickets games, zee team winz zee games and we get to celebrate with zee crickets and learn our jobz are not overz yet. Wilson seemsz ok, Mr Jeffers and his menz are recovering also………


Awesome, John!!! Good job! :)

Amateur hour......

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